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Lowick & Slipton Parish Council

Planning Responses

Please see below responses to applications as resolved by the Parish Council - only applications where objections have been made are listed:

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
EN_19_01242_FUL.pdf30 March 2022104kB
EN_19_01271_FUL.pdf30 March 2022182kB
EN_20_00161_FUL.pdf30 March 2022311kB
EN_20_00977_FUL.pdf30 March 2022284kB
EN_20_01096_VAR.pdf30 March 2022180kB
EN_20_01602_FUL.pdf30 March 2022180kB
EN_20_01706_FUL.pdf30 March 2022231kB
NE_22_00151_FUL.pdf30 March 2022229kB
NE_22_00238_FUL.pdf30 March 2022234kB
NE_22_00698_OUT.pdf30 June 202284kB